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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Training

Using astro-navigation to fix your position anywhere in the world is both a science and an art, and one that is almost as old as ocean voyaging itself. Despite the proliferation of electronic navigation aids, and the almost universal use of GPS, astro-navigation still has a vital role to play, especially in ocean navigation. All you need is a sextant, an accurate watch, and a set of tables, and you can fix your position independently of any man-made technology.

This course teaches you the secrets of astro-navigation. It also covers world-wide meteorology and how to plan and manage ocean voyages. It assumes that you have a knowledge of all subjects covered in the other shorebased courses.

Once you have completed the course and gained your Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Certificate, you are ready to complete your first Ocean voyage and become, after an oral examination, a Yachtmaster Ocean - the pinnacle of the RYA Cruising Scheme.

course duration
three weekends
five days midweek

prior knowledge
navigation to Yachtmaster standard

qualification aim
RYA Yachtmaster ocean shorebased course completion certificate

course content
astro-navigation, ocean passage planning and world meteorology

related courses
Course fee:  440 over 2 weekends a short weekend and a long weekend to cover 40 hours. (includes practice charts and tables, and certificate) Non residential
Next two weekend course: Call for available dates   

Next five day course: Call for available dates